Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair & Credit Card Help

Wondering About How to Repair your Credit?

If you've been late or stopped paying your bills, your credit score has almost certainly gone down. Almost everyone knows that your credit score — a number created by the consumer credit rating agencies — is used by banks, mortgage lenders, retailers and credit card companies to make a decision when you ask for credit.

How to Cleanup and Repair your Bad Credit

But did you know your credit score is often used to determine what interest rate you pay for auto, credit card and other loans (lower score = higher interest rate) and is often checked by employers when you apply for a job?

A poor credit score can literally cost you money in higher fees and interest and may cost you a job opportunity or cause to be turned down your application for an apartment, home, credit card or automobile.

Here's good news: Your credit score can be repaired - and you can do it yourself.

You can start repairing your credit now ! The Modify1 book Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair & Credit Card Help will show you, step by step, how you can use federal consumer protection laws to help clean up your credit removing or correcting damaging information in your credit reports.

Written by an experienced credit repair expert, Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair & Credit Card Help will explain the three key tools — The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA), the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Credit Repair Organizations Act — and how you can use them to repair your credit. Why pay a consumer counseling company or an attorney hundreds or even thousands of dollars to use these same tools when you can repair your credit... and do it yourself?

Fix Your Own Credit

Your current credit score may be based on false, outdated or incomplete information! Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair & Credit Card Help will show you how to clean up your credit history while challenging that information and forcing the credit bureaus to correct the errors:

  • How your FICO (credit) score is determined and how it affects your ability to get credit and what you pay for credit
  • How credit bureaus collect the information in your credit report
  • How to get free copies of your credit report free from the Big 3 credit bureaus
  • The various sections of your credit report and how to read them
  • How negative information is listed on your credit report and steps you can take to remove, correct or explain it
  • How to deal with collection agencies
  • How to best repair your credit, step by step
  • How to write a dispute letter to remove incorrect and negative information from your credit file
  • How to get new new credit accounts opened to raise your score
How to Repair Credit Guide
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Credit Repair Now

Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair & Credit Card Help costs only $40 and can be downloaded immediately. Or you can order the book on disc and have it shipped to you (add $9.95 shipping and handling).

Repair your credit! Your credit score can cost you money, opportunities and your reputation. Take charge of your score today and get the opportunities, reputation and credit you deserve.

Learn how to use Modify1's educational resources to help improve your credit rating. While your score is determined by the credit ratings agencies using their own formulas, you can make a difference by ensuring the information in their files is accurate and up to date. Use the information in Modify1's book to help you maximize your credit rating.



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Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair & Credit Card Help

Your credit score can cost you money and job opportunities. Our credit repair experts show you the way to raise your credit score.
Credit Repair &
Credit Card Help

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